How can we make our water supply last longer?



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    There are many ways to help ensure that our drinking water supply will last longer.  Individuals can help by conserving water in their homes, particularly in arid regions.  This includes inside the home by taking shorter showers or fixing water leaky faucets.  Outside the home it is important to regulate sprinklers with a rain gauge or to xeriscape your lawn to minimize water need and to not wash your car with a hose.  As a community, better irrigation practices can help to limit water needed to raise crops.  Drip irrigation and organic farming both help to conserve water or retain water in the soil where it is needed to grow plants.  Using recycled or grey water is a great way for cities to help conserve water resources as well. 

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    Additionally, it helps to use a drain-stopper and wash many dishes at once (if by hand) than washing each dish individually.  Studies also show that pre-washing your dishes makes no difference to the resulting clean…so choose settings that eliminate an excess need for water.  Most dishwashers and washing machines now have settings that let you choose more efficiently.  Fixing a toilet that runs can also save tremendous amounts of water.  There are plenty of DIY tips for doing so.

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    They key to making existing water supplies last longer are two fold.  The first step is conservation, implementing best practices to limit the amount of water we consume.  Ways to do this include using low flow shower heads and toilets, planting drought resistant landscaping, and water usage behavior modification.  The second step is managing water resources, such as using water recycling and potable reuse (both for drinking and agricultural uses), replenishing aquifers, and no longer relying on importing water.

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