How can we make our cities in America better for the environment?



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    In order to make our cities better for the environment without sacrificing too much convenience to ourselves, I would suggest redesigning our cities to minimize urban sprawl. One way to tackle this problem is to create more mixed-use areas, where types of buildings (residential, commercial, etc.) are not segregated but placed in the same area. The idea behind mixed use is to maximize the usage of space, thus making cities more compact. In addition to this, building cities based on a grid plan also makes roads much more efficient as every road will always take you somewhere.

    These ideas might be better applied to cities that are yet to be built, as retrofitting would not be very cost efficient, but it’s just some food for thought!

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    I agree with the answer above. American cities are notoriously poorly designed for public transportation. While there are still exceptions, most American cities are designed where people have to commute by car to the city from the suburbs. Increasing public transportation is a great way to minimize pollution from traffic. While it is costly to put these in place, when keeping in mind the long term investment, then they are worth every penny. 

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