How can we make organic vegetables cheaper than regular vegetables?



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    Economies of scale, production, and transport are factors in the cost of organic produce.  Increasing the amount of organic produce grown would bring down the cost.  Organic produce tends to have a much higher production cost (due to the inability to use nitrate based fertilizers and pesticides).  However, the lower cost of transport if the produce is sourced to nearby communities (through farmers markets or co-ops) offsets this a bit rather than being taken hundreds of miles away for sale.

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    Two ways.  Either we can reduce the cost to produce them by making planting, growing, harvesting, and transporation cheaper or we can use basic economics to increase the supply or decrease the demand.  To make production cheaper it would likely be most effective to somehow get reduced gas prices since the minimum wage will not be going donw.  To increase supply more acres of organic vegetables need to be produced, or each plant needs to produce more vegetables (reducing demand is maybe not the best option). 

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    There are a few ways you can make organic vegetables cheaper for your own use because as waterman and GreenBean point out there are methods to decrease the overall price of organic foods but they take time and energy. 

    Until we get to a point where organic food is as inexpensive as ‘regular’ food, try these tips:

    1. Shop farmers markets.  Here you can kill two birds with one stone.  Food at farmers markets is often local too making it greener than plain old organic.  Because it’s local it’s also relatively inexpensive (compared to typical grocery stores) so you won’t break the bank during each trip.
    2. Join a co-op.  Co-ops are member run businesses that supply groceries at cheaper prices than the local grocer.  Joining is as easy as paying dues and signing up.  To find a co-op near you, check out:  If you can’t find one near you, they’re pretty easy to start up.  Check out this site: for a li’l co-op start-up 101. 
    3. Alter your buying habits so you buy more of the fruit or veggie that’s ‘in-season’ and not so much of the ones that aren’t.  This tiny switch in behavior can save you serious dough and add a little variety to your diet.  Maybe you’ll try a new fruit/veg that you’ve never had before!
    4. Clip coupons.  Although they aren’t plentiful, coupons for organic items can be found.  A lot of times the best ones are found on the inside of organic or natural items you’ve already purchased.  Another good place to look is the store flier for natural or organic grocers. 
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