How can we make organic food cheaper to purchase?



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    By buying organic food, you have increased the demand for it. With more demand, I believe they will need to produce more of the food and will significantly invest in new technology to increase productivity. More land will also be developed to organic agriculture. So I believe that all we have to do is buy it!

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    Absolutely agreed! The more we buy the less it will cost.  So tell everyone you know to buy it and explain the benefits so they find a use for it 🙂  Recommend Food, Inc. for people to watch who are really hesitant on the movement. 

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    As other answers have stated, buying organic food increases demand, which should encourage more farmers to supply it.  But farming in this country is far from a free enterprise system, where supply and demand dictate prices.  Corn and soybeans are heavily subsidized to keep prices low and provide a source of cheap feed that holds down beef, pork, and chicken prices.  As a result of cheap prices and abundant fast food, Americans eat too much of these meat products, at great expense to their health. 

    If, say, 30% of the subsidies for corn and soybeans were shifted to organic farmers, prices would drop and more consumers would be able to afford organic produce.  

    Every 5 years, there’s a new Agricultural Bill that goes through Congress.  In 2010, consumers raising their voices during the public comment period managed to increase support for organic produce for the first time.  If more consumers chime in the next time the Agricultural Bill comes up for a vote in 2015, we can increase support for organic agriculture and make it more affordable.

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