How can we make the movie industry more eco friendly?



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    Film companies use a lot of electronics to measure lighting, light sets, etc. Green Peace has released their Guide to Greener Electronics for 2010. Though it is a very limited chart and movie makers need many specialty items, the switch to using these green electronics companies would be a great step in the filming industry. Another option is following recommended guidelines set up in various states today. New Mexico, Colorado, California, Canada, and London have guides to green filmmaking practices for their local. These guides may include everything from choosing green catering companies to eco-friendly hair and makeup to green electronics repair companies. Unfortunately, the decision to follow these tips is voluntary at the moment and there are no regulations forcing the film industry to be greener. Here is the Green Peace electronics chart:

    green peace guide to green electronics

    Or, if that is appearing too small, here is the link:

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    The film and movie industry is working on producing more environmentally friendly sets and practices.  The Producer’s Guild of America partnered with PGAgreen in 2009 to create The Green Production Guide.  The Green Production Guide focuses on providing lists of green products for tv and film use including construction, costumes, cameras and lighting, hair and makeup, and props to name a few.  The Guide also offers a site dedicated to a list of “best practices” for a more environmentally sound production such as reusing products, using organic / locally grown food, more efficient lighting and recycling sets.  Though tv and film still has a lot of work to become more green, at least this is a solid start for those who decide to use the listings. 

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