How can we make restaurants more green?



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    – Eat only at restaurants that are considered green. This will help create a demand for green restaurants.
    – When ordering ask for vegan/vegetarian, locally grown, organic food.
    – If you eat meat, ask if their beef is grass fed and if their poultry is free range.
    – Ask if they compost food waste.

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    Put pressure on local restaurants through petitions and campaigns would be another way to make a movement in your town towards making more green restaurants. It would require being dedicated and organized, but it would definitely be possible.

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    A lot can be done to improve a restaurants eco friendly nature–from purchasing more energy efficient lighting, to conserving water, and having a good recycling system. Another beneficial way to go about greening up the business would be to take advantage of local food sources. The less food travels to get onto the plate, the more the environment is helped. Shop around at local farmer’s markets and see what kinds of local dishes can be prepared. For the most part, local food is better food. For more tips, check out the included website. 

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    Restaurants produce a lot of waste, but to keep costs down many recycle and compost anyway. New laws are being passed in some cities that require restaurants to use biodegradable togo containers and togo utensils- and this alone reduces waste drastically. As a patron, go to restaurants that use local, organic produce. Don’t ask for water unless you want it, this goes for refills too. Decline new plate or silverware when having more than one course. 

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    Restaurants that create fresh food from local sources would be considered green.  The environmental cost from shipping pre-packaged items to a restaurant is high, as well as all the unnecessary energy it takes to process the food, freeze it and package it.  Also, restaurants that offer recyclable or compostable to go containers and utensils would be ideal for reducing waste.  There are products made from recycled materials that can be used for your leftovers, as well as compostable utensils made from corn.  Additionally, restaurants that make a committment to recycling and composting would greatly cut down on their waste and environmental impact.

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