How can we make milk cartons better for the environment?



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    One suggestion is to request that they be made more eco-friendly so that they can be biodegradeable.  Once you have finished off the carton, you can just put it into your compost bin and reuse it that way.  The cardboard cartons usually are biodegradeable, and are better for the environment than the plastic jugs.

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    One thing that can already be done with paper cartons is composting. This turns it into something usable, rather than it just sitting in a landfill. For plastic cartons, there are plastic-like materials that can be used that are biodegradable and made from things such as soybeans or corn.

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    The issue with recycling milk cartons are that they are made of 85% paper, which is recyclable, and 15% plastic laminate, which cannot be recycled.  Because of the plastic laminate, you cannot throw in your milk cartons along with your paper for recycling.  Special recycling facilities may accept milk and juice cartons, or other recommendations include peeling the plastic off yourself.  Most people will generally not take the time for this labor intensive project.  If milk cartons were made of fully recyclable material, like bottled milk, they could easily be recycled.

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