How can we make lighting in skyscrapers more efficient?



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    Making lighting more efficient in a skyscraper is a difficult task. In single story buildings you an install sky lights and even sky tubes that allow for natural light to fill the rooms during the day. You will have to choose options such as installing motion-sensitve detectors so lights turn off when a room is not occupied (in case someone forgot to turn out the light – like in a conference room or the bathroom). Energy efficient bulbs will also help.

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    It should not be a question of efficiency but effectiveness. Increasing day-lighting in buildings by having smaller floor dimensions is one way to do this. By decreasing the amount of space between people and windows the need for artificial lighting reduced. This has additional benefits including allowing people to have a connection with the outdoors which is much more pleasant than being stuck in a room with few of no windows. Therefore this lighting method is more effective in not only saving energy but creating a better work environment.

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