How can we make hybrids a better value for the consumer?



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    Car companies do whatever they can to maximize the government subsidy for purchasing a hybrid car, which knocks off some of the cost.  The subsidies can only be offered for a limited time, however.  Manufacturers also do their best to make hybrid cars as reliable as possible, to minimize maintenance costs, and help the car retain its value.

    If we manufactured more hybrids, the cost would would lower significantly, since demand wouldn’t be high enough to keep the price high.  If that happened, however, the manufacturer’s wallet would take a hit, so it’s very unlikely.

    The cost will decrease naturally over time, as the demand for hybrids increases, raising the stakes for competition among companies.

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    Two ways. Reduce the cost of manufacturing and make them more efficient. If we can reduce the higher costs of manufacturing the MSRP prices will go down. I think the battery is the most expensive component of the car, so if we could find a way to make a better, longer lasting and cheaper hybrid car battery that would help. Alternatively, or maybe additionally, companies could increase the efficiency that breaking can generate energy, or make them get 300 miles to the gallon instead of the 50 or so most hybrids report. If we can get farther on each gallon it would pay off faster for the additional initial investment for the consumer.

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