How can we make human waste work for us?



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    With composting toilets that produce fertilizer for soil. Composting toilets can effectively convert human waste and reduce water use and sewage among other things. Visit the link below to learn more. One example of how composting toilets are helping humans is through their installation in some poor communities across the world to address such problems as soil degradation and sanitation.

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    Lauren’s is a good answer, and I didn’t think about that. I know of another way that we are already making human waste work for us. Waste to energy plants use urea (the chemical compound found in urine) for a process in which “Nitrogen oxides that […] form are reduced by spraying ammonia or urea into the hot exhaust (a technology called Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction), which converts nitrogen oxides to harmless nitrogen and water.” Pretty cool, huh? 

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