How can we make home solar systems more affordable than they already are?



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    As of April 2008 solar cost about 20-30 cents per kilowatt hour.  Hopefully, improving solar technology will bring down costs.  In the mean time, there may be rebates that you’d be eligible for if you want to purchase a solar system. 

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    You don’t need to completely cover your roof with solar panels if you can’t afford it; you’ll still be saving money and energy even with a small system. Most states now offer tax incentives like rebates and grants to households installing solar systems. (Also, if you are really stingy, you can even set up black books or sheets of metal in your house where sunlight filters through the windows. These create solar heaters that cost practically nothing! It’s not very convenient, professional, or even pretty looking, but it’s ideal for penny pinchers who live in sunny places.)

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