How can we make green jobs more popular in America?



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    You can do this by lobbying your local and state politicians. The more the government gets involved in creating green jobs, the better. I believe that green jobs can revitalize our economy and bring America once again into dominance in the global market. 

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    I agree with siltwac that the government should be promoting green collar jobs. There are many ways that the state and federal governments can promote the green economy. Funding can be allocated for assisting green start-ups. Incentives for efficiency upgrades for homes and businesses can stimulate the industry. Loan forgiveness programs could prove incentives for students to study environmental management and similar fields.

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    I think one of the best ways to help make green jobs more popular is for the government to give incentives to green companies.  This can mainly be a tax credit or subsidy.  Doing these things would greatly increase the number of green industries/companies.  Right now, it is more cost efficient for businesses to not be environmentally friendly — we need to help make it more profitable to be a green business than to not be one. 

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