How can we make graduations more green and better for the environment?



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    Like any event, there are a number of things you can do to make it more green.  First of all, take a look at the materials you are using for the setup.  Are the chairs borrowed and constructed from recycled materials?  If it’s outside, are the tents rented or bought from eco-responsible businesses?  If it’s indoors, is the lighting LED?  Are the invitations and programs printed on recycled paper?  These are just a few things to think about.

    For the refreshment table, consider using only locally grown produce or organic caterers.  You can also distribute drinks and finger food in compostable cups and plates, that way everything can be dumped into a compost bin at the event.  For those items, you can order them from the site noted below. 

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    There are also graduation gowns made from recycled plastic bottles. They each contain approximately 23 former bottles. They are available for purchase or can be rented as gowns typically are. 

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    Just make sure that everything involved is environmentally conscious.  Try buying food from local farmers, using eco-friendly silverware or plates and using recycled paper for all documents.  Also, many colleges have had students be able to sign green pledges, where they state that they will be conscious of the environment in their future decisions.

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