how can we make efficient eco friendly homes more affordable for the average American?



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    I think it’s really important to cut down the costs of production, which will then cut down the overall cost of eco-friendly houses. Coming up with new technologies that reduce the costs of the raw materials and manufacturing overhead is crucial to cutting down prices of homes, whether regular ones or environmentally friendly ones. Other ways might be to reduce the amount of materials or make the houses smaller in size. 

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    Mass production of eco friendly homes using certain pre fab structures can actually reduce the price per home. If the houses are made of regionally available materials, HVAC systems installed are combination of mechanical and natural ventilation, if the installation and purchase of solar panels and other green equipments becomes less expensive,not using the potable water for landscaping instead using the rain harvested water to water plants. All these simple measures put in place can actually make green homes more affordable and average home more greener. Most imp is to promote the idea of living in green spaces.

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    Something I saw at the Smart Home (an entirely green energy house on display) at the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago that I thought was really cool was that the designers used a tree that fell in the front of the property to build a one-of-a-kind table for the dining room. They also used parts of the branches and trunk to make small coffee tables and footstools. I thought that was a great idea – use the materials you already have on your property to decorate your home! 🙂

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