How can we make e-readers even better for the environment than they are already?



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    E-Readers entail an enormous improvement to the carbon footprint of the book publishing industry, by saving the resources involved in the printing press industry, sheer volume of paper, and gas consumption due to shipping. E-Readers still make an environmental impact due to their energy use, the materials used to produce them, and improper disposal of old E-Readers – there is room for improvement. A company called LG has recently come out with a solar powered E-Reader. There are proposals to make electronic books more eco-friendly by integrating them with I-pods so that books can be downloaded through sites like I-Tunes.


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    There are a number of negative factors that could be addressed by e-reader manufacturers to make them more ecofriendly. These include: usage of toxic chemicals during manufacturing, they can break more easily, they become obsolete, they use electricity and probably the worst of all is that they can not be fully recycled thus creating electric waste. 

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