How can we make drinking water better for the environment?



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    I think the question is kind of back-to-front?

    Water naturally supports animals and plants. We humans are included. We’re part of the environment, too. And before us, for millions of years, our mammal ancestors.

    There’s nothing unnatural about drinkable water, quite the contrary.

    However, human overpopulation has caused a couple new water quality problems. To be crude, the huge amount of excrement people produce has created pollution problems where none used to exist. There are plenty of places in the 3rd World where swimming in a lake, river or ocean means swimming in a toilet. (The sacred river Ganges in India is an example.) Yes, gross. But true. That’s how bad it is. It’s bad.

    The other water pollution problem comes from by-products of manufacturing and mining. Very many processes involve “cleaning” material, and many use huge amounts of water. That’s fine that the product gets clean, but lousy for all the water that just gets washed someplace else.

    The URL below is interesting, factual, easy-to-read and well-written. Wish I had done it.

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