How can we make cups more eco friendly than they have been?



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    There are a couple different ways that we could do this. One is to stop using cups or plastic bottles altogether. There are some neat ideas for this, like the ecowell. Another thing that we could do is to make our cups part of a more sustainable lifestyle. We can do this by making them biodegradable, or out of recycled material. One example of this is the ecotainer, which is very environmentally friendly.

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    We already have. There are definitely 100% compostable cups out there. It’s just a matter of getting them to replace their non-environmentally friendly predecessors that are petroleum based. That’s where we, the consumers come in. Companies aren’t going to change the way they do things simply because it’s “possible” to. Unfortunately they’re more concerned with profit than anything else, generally speaking at least. Corporations, manufacturers, retailers, governments, etc. are always going to provide the goods and services that we demand, so it’s entirely our responsibility to demand the right goods and services that fulfill our needs (yet don’t endanger our planet.) Same with solar technology, bio-fuels, sustainable agriculture, etc. …the technology and systems for doing things superior are already thought up, invented, and in service- We just have to be more conscious of our habits in terms of shopping, eating, and resource use.

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