How can we make cars waste less energy?



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    The new electric vehicles coming out will use significantly less energy by relying on electric power (ideally provided from renewable energy sources) rather than gasoline. Already in use now, on my Civic hybrid for example, are systems that allow the engine to shut down while the car is stopped to save energy. Also, the battery is charge during braking, again taking advantage of what would otherwise be wasted energy.

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    The new hybrids are much better at not wasting energy than your basic and even “fuel efficient” cars. Though today’s engines run quieter and perform better, they are still only around 20-26% efficient with their fuel, wasting a lot in exhaust and heat, and even braking. Newer hybrids attempt to capture that wasted energy to generate electricity for the on-board battery, which is then used to power the vehicle when fully charged to give the engine a rest, and using less fuel. The best way to eliminate wasted energy is to probably cut down the mechanism that drives a car forward. The less moving parts, the less there is to power, therefore saving more energy. We are still a long way off from this though, but all-electric vehicles are a start. 

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