How can we make bottled water better for the environment?



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    The main negative environmental impacts of bottled water are twofold, the first and most hazardous being the container the water is shipped in, the plastic bottle.  This impact can be mitigated by using recycled plastic, creating bottles that use less plastic, using materials that are more biodegradable compared to ordinary plastics (such as soy or corn based plastics), or by not using plastic at all and instead using a material like aluminum.   The second impact is the source of the water itself, which contributes to the overall environmental footprint of the water.  Water that comes from further away (such as Fiji water) requires more energy to transport to the consumer compared to something that is sourced from  a local and possibly municipal source.  The best way to mitigate this impact is for consumers to try and only purchase water with a low transport/resource/extraction cost, such as water that is filtered from municipal sources.  The most impact free form of bottled water is water that is filtered at home and kept in aluminum/reusable bottles.

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