How can we make being green more popular?



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    Being is green is definitely becoming more and more popular because of the national attention it’s receiving and the worldwide acknowledgment of the threats of climate change. Green could become more popular if some more celebrities or sports stars hop on the green wagon, or if Hollywood decides to put out some more films with an eco focus. Anything that would grab people’s attention and make that see the importance of efficiency would help the green cause.

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    I think it would help if it were easier. We need some major institutional changes — for example, organic food is much too expensive for a lot of people to afford. Until it becomes more cost-efficient for big corporations to promote sustainability it’s unlikely to catch on with the majority of people. We can see this right now in hybrid cars becoming more available and affordable now that gas prices are so high.

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    We must write letters to newspapers, politicians, and celebrities, announcing our desires and rationales for being green. We must talk to people -first friends and family, and subsequently, strangers.

    Most importantly, we must not only speak, but also listen, that we may gain the knowledge and ideas of others. Therein is true wisdom, which can only strengthen our efforts.

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