How can we make 2010 a successful year for the environment?



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    Less waste!  Be conscience of your water and electrical usage.  Turn off lights and shorten showers.  These are two very simple things that everyone can do for the environment and it helps the pocket book too!  Save water, save electricity, save money in the new year.

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    INVEST in green technologies. EDUCATE children in the importance of making good decisions. EMPLOY technologies and people in green industries.

    Obviously the money is being spent here on behalf of the Federal Government (see link, scroll down to Energy). But individuals need to go ahead and pony up the dough so they can equip themselves with alternative energy production methods (solar / thermal / wind technologies!)

    Schools need to be retrofitted and equipped to be the first place where sustainable values are instilled (they should recycle everything they can instead of just trashing it)… lunches should be greener (not factory farmed, not on styrofoam platters!)… 

    We need jobs! By employing the technologies and practices all across the nation we will be employing more people!  I live near Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE, two ecological disasters. The cities need cleaning, and people aren’t going to work for free — we need to raise money to fund environmental cleanup projects — i say don’t raise taxes for everyone — raise taxes for the biggest polluters and also levy fines and penalties for those who are caught polluting — the penalty for littering in Philly is 300 bucks — but no one actually gets caught doing it  (cops see you flick your cig out the window they aren’t going to nail you for a 300 dollar fine— but they should slap a 20 dollar fine on you so maybe you think twice before disposing of something that is environmentally harmful again)!!!! we can set things up so the environment is helped out significantly and people do not suffer unnecessarily! Those who do good (by the environment) are rewarded (by having a clean, safe one in which to live) and those who do evil (to the earth) will have to pay for their mistakes (so we can pay for what needs to be done to undo the damage they have caused!)… 

    There are literally countless things we can do — the answer to this question is ongoing and it ranges from small (turning out a lightbulb) to large (building a geothermal energy plant or a high-tech recycling facility  or a waste to energy power plant)… We can do this thing! We’ve got to work together and strive hard!

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