How can we keep waterways from becoming polluted?



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    The Environmental Protection Agency offers many ways in which you can prevent water pollution. If you have pets make sure to keep cat litter or dog waste out of gutters and storm drains, which empty directly into lakes, streams, rivers, and wetlands. Leaves and other debris should also not do into the gutter. Never use lawn and garden chemicals and seek our organic or natural solutions to lawn care, run off of these chemicals gets into the water supply. Proper disposal of oil, antifreeze, paints, and other household chemicals should not go into sewers or drains. Also make sure your septic system is inspected or pumped so that it operates properly and there are no leaks. Make sure your laundry detergents and cleaners are low in phosphorous so these do not get into our rivers, lakes, and streams and create dead zones by producing bad algae. By getting involved in your local government you can also prevent water pollution from the mining, forestry, and argiculture industries. Check out the link in the citations to learn more. 

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