How can we keep our airplanes from emitting VOC’s?



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    The problem of VOCs isn’t really one that stems from airplane traffic.  Ground transportation actually emits 56% of the nation’s VOCs annually and airplane emissions only contribute about 32.6%.  However it is important to reduce all of the VOC emissions.  We can advocate for air quality and insist that airports use better practices.  Below is a link that has a few suggestions for ways to reduce VOC emissions.  

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    Because the majority of VOCs around airplanes are from paint (as the paint dries it releases VOCs in to the air) the easiest and most painless way would be to simply find a better way to make paint and coatings to protect planes. However, because of the intense changes in temperature, elevation, and radiation, planes need strong coatings (teflon, etc) to be able to withstand these and remain safe. Until there is a product that can protect the plane better, I don’t see there being a change in this problem.

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