How can we keep from eating too much food in America?



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    Portion control is the key in stopping Americans from eating too much. Additionally the condition of our fast food should also improve so that it is not as fatting.

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    Overconsumption in America is certainly an environmental problem. The growth, packaging, and distribution of food products is a process that is responsible for a huge portion of greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, cattle production releases more carbon dioxide than driving cars. There are two approaches to preventing American overconsumption. We can try and develop smarter production methods that are better for the environment, or, as you suggested, we can take it upon ourselves to reduce demand for environmentally unhealthy foods by eliminating or reducing animal products in our diets. Personal responsibility for the environment only comes through education and awareness.

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    I think we should start by educating children and teaching them healthy eating habits. The food provided in schools is rarely nutritious, but it is encouraging to see that some changes are slowly being made. By teaching children how our bodies use nutrients, we can raise a generation of healthy eaters. We can also show children how food is grown so that they realize where their food is coming from and the importance of supporting locally grown food.

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    In America, portions tend to be much larger than necessary.  This has caused us to think of a reasonable portion as being larger than normal, which has subsequently caused us to gain weight.  The key to stop eating so much food is to rethink what is a reasonable size.  It takes a while to break old habits, but that’s the only really effective way to do it.

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