How can we keep drought from happening?



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    Though human impacts on the environment may be contributing to climate change and an increase in drought, this phenomenon has happened throughout history and cannot entirely be prevented from occurring. But, human activities such as deforestation, excessive cattle grazing or agricultural practices, natural waterway displacement, and extensive extraction of groundwater can contribute to environmental change in a region, which can affect weather patterns and climate of greater systems. With an ever-increasing population, humans may not be able to easily reverse an accumulation of destruction to ecosystems, but there are some measures to be taken.

    Scientists are carrying out investigations and organizations are taking initiatives to understand and combat drought. Technology that employs radar to detect water volume in clouds has been developed. Furthermore, precipitation levels in historic and contemporary times can be mapped in order to stand rainfall and drought patterns. Forest restoration and management may help reduce the devastation of wildfires that may begin during periods of drought. In everyday living, people can strive to reduce their water consumption. Efforts are in place to spread environmental education covering topics like drought.

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    Some ways to prevent droughts are to utilize and recycle available water sources. Some methods include collecting rainfall with rainbarrels, using graywater systems (not using clean water to flush toilets, but recycling other water used in homes to do so), general water conservation, planting a lot of trees and other vegetation (plants clean water and and hold it in their roots. This prevents the soil from drying out too much to support vegetative life), and updating sewer systems so they are not combined (rainwater and sewage currently go to the same pipes instead of capturing cleaner rainwater for reuse).

    Weather patterns do shift, however, and places that do not get rainfall can suffer from drought. I live in Austin, TX and we have been experiencing severe drought conditions this year. One issue with weather patterns is that precipitation can repeatedly get blown over areas that may need it and dispersed elsewhere due to wind and other factors.

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