How can we keep an accident like the BP oil spill from happening again without completely shutting down all offshore oil drilling?



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    After a federal investigation it was found that BP had made many cost cutting efforts that all can be attributed to the BP oil spill. The primary cause of the spill was the failure of the cement pumped into the well. BP subcontracted the cementing to Halliburtin Corp. This cement is used to seal in place the well casing and prevent any oil or gas from leaking from the well. The failure of this cement led to natural gas to shoot up the pipe at extreme pressures causing an explosion aboard the deepwater horizon.

    The only way that companies can still drill for oil and to protect their employees and the environment is to institute a safety procedure and plan. The companies need to be held reliable and held to the safety and environmental standards set for them. After investigations it appeared that many EPA officials had been paid off or their paperwork had been completed for them by oil workers. The EPA needs to also be held to a standard to guarantee that they are working in the best interest of the public and not the oil companies.

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