How can we improve our water consumption in America?



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    A better way to word the question would be, “How can we reduce our water consumption in America.” We certainly don’t want to consume more than we already do! The best way to reduce water consumption in America is to encourage citizens to act mindfully and responsibly on a personal level — in other words, by developing responsible usage habits. This means taking shorter showers and watering the lawn only when it is absolutely necessary. This also means regularly performing checks on the faucets, showerheads, and toilets around your home to make sure they are free of any kind of leaks that would waste water. 

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    I think that taking shorter showers is quite an effective way to save water. With such large volumes of water flowing out at one time, the gallons can really quickly add up. When I was in Ecuador, we were encouraged to turn off the shower while shaving and while washing the hair. Since the gallons of available hot water were limited, the group I was traveling with really noticed when we were taking too-long showers!

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