How can we import less oil?



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    We need to develop new technologies that allow us to remove the need for the imported oil.  It would be ideal if we could use only renewable sources for our energy such as biofuels, wind and solar sources, and then we would be able to remove the need to import oil.

    The second option would be to increase production with more drilling sites, such as increasing off shore drilling, or drilling in the Alaskan National Wlidlife Reserve, but I do not favor those policies as much as a shift toward renewable sources.

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    Another question on here referred to nuclear power and why Obama is supporting it so much- the answer was to help decrease our dependency on foreign oil imports.  Since we are not yet equipped to make the switch entirely to renewable sources, we need to ease the transition by utilizing our own methods – such as nuclear power in addition to offshore drilling, solar, wind, biofuels, etc.


    The sooner, the better.  Hopefully we can completely utilize renewable sources in the near future.

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    Increasing drilling in the US will not do anything significant for the level of oil imports. All the new discoveries possible can do nothing but (if we’re lucky) maintain current production levels. As long as consumption remains at or near current rates, there is no “drill baby drill” option that will make any noticeable difference to imports.

    Nulcear power and most other alternatives do not directly impact the need for liquid fuels, the greatest use of oil in the US (70% of consumption is in the transportation sector). Even if we could change the entire auto fleet to electric (not feasible in any short term time frame) we would then be dependent on imports for other things – neodymium for electric car motors, lanthanum and lithium for batteries, and coal — we would almost certainly have to import coal to have enough to generate all the electricity those electric cars would demand.

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