How can we implement the carbon offsetting idea into our normal economy?



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    Well, I think we already have in some ways… Businesses have started up who do make a profit, but also make profits in the way of environmental protection (by offsetting carbon as a commercial venture)… if you are asking how to we implement the carbon offsetting idea into our normal economy EVEN MORE the answer would have to be by setting up more enterprises (and supports, via law) and companies that are buying carbon offsets. I think that if you carpool to work then the company you work for should be responsible for paying you back a dividend that equals the cost of the carbon you saved! That be good for people who are environmentally conscious and encourage more people to do things — they could use they money you get paid back to buy carbon offsets and all of a sudden we could make our commutes (and other business activities) closer to net-zero in carbon emissions. 

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