How can we hold mass polluters more accountable and demand a more immediate response to their environmental atrocities?

As heartening as legal action against a world-spoiler like Chevron (Texaco) is, it’s even more disheartening to know that oil pockets are very deep and their method of attrition over decades will costs generations of Ecuadoreans their lives.



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    I would argue the only effective way to hold the companies accountable would be to boycott their products. If Chevron lost a significant percentage of their customers they would probably be forced change (but hopefully not just something superficial). The organization of something like that would be intense, but mass boycotts have worked before.

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    I think this is again a changing culture question.  tutt47 discussed boycotts, I agree with his answer but I take it even further.  Culturally, polluting needs to be valued in the same way as crime child molestation or murder.  

    When we stop trying to get the cheapest product for our buck and start applying our value system to big companies they will not only be help accountable for environmental crimes but they will have high incentive not to commit the crimes.

    Clearly, changing cultural values is a slow process; another key is for corporate actions to be transparent, not hidden or muddied by advertising.

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