How can we help save marine wildlife?



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    Want to help save the marine wildlife? Here are some easy ways to contribute and help marine animals and plants.

    1. Go Vegan or eat Eco-friendly fish which are fish who can be found in abundance. By doing you can contribute to minimizing bycatch and endangerment of the species.

    2.  Try your best to avoid plastic products. Plastic can stay around for hundreds of years and leak toxin in out environment. Avoid plastic as much as possible!

    3. Participate in beach clean-ups. Help reduce the amount of trash that flows to the ocean and endanger wildlife and make out beaches ugly!

    4. Be energy efficient. Not only will you reduce your engery bill but you will help conserve energy because the less energy you use the less warm the environment will be. It will help with the prevention of global warming.

    5. Do not release balloons. Although it is quite pretty so see balloons fly away, the balloons endanger wildlife who often mistakenly eat the balloons.

    6. Recycle! By recylcing you reduce the amount of trash that eventually ends up in the ocean.

    Those are just some out of the many ways you can help save marine wildlife. Remember to do the ethical thing and recycle!

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