How can we help people in southern countries to consume GREEN?

Some years ago I tried to get some ecological firms from Germany to share their recipes with some entrepreneurs in Bolivia – without success – we need a more open, more united humankind!!!



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    The reason why people in southern countries do not consume as much “Green Products” is because most southern courties are thrid world countries.  If you think about it, green technology is pretty expensive even in first world countries.  Your answer: make green technology more affordable.  The reason why the ecological firms in Germany did not want to share their “recipes” was because it was not profitable for them to do so. 

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    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I believe “green consumption” is an oxymoron. Consumerism isn’t sustainable. We’re a “throw-away-culture”. If we’re throwing away everything and replacing it with new stuff, how are we supposed to live sustainably? It’s true that consumer fetishism and plastics plague southern countries, e.g., Colombia, but we need to focus on rewiring our consumption practices and, moreover, influencing the very people we exploit. 

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