How can we help the Maldives with their rising sea level problem?



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    Individually, we can only help on a small scale.  The economy of the Maldives is supported mainly by tourism, and we can visit the Maldives as tourists to support their economy and give them the resources they would need to build more seawalls to fend off rising sea levels.  We can also do all we can to reduce our carbon footprints to slow climate change and the melting of polar ice. 

    The only thing that will prevent the submersion of the islands is policy reform to counteract climate change.  There are various organizations committed to stopping climate change, such as GreenPeace, and you can donate or volunteer with them to make a difference as well.

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    Since policy reform will help counteract, it’s beneficial to write your local and federal legislative members to help encourage focus on the issue.


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    An idea that has been proposed by the President of the Maldives is the relocation of the Maldavian people to  man made islands or to other existing islands that are higher above sea level than the Maldives.  This would preserve the culture and society of the residents of the Maldives, if not save the islands themselves which are likely to become completely submerged as sea levels rise over the next few decades.  The funding for such a massive relocation would be generated through donations, investment, and the tourism that is the Maldives main source of revenue.  

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