How can we help fight animal cruelty?



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    Donate your money or time to your local animal shelter.  They generally take in animals that need homes, have been abused or confiscated from homes with too many pets.  Humane societies have cats, dogs, rabbits, and all sorts of animals that need homes.  They can always use dog walkers and animal socializers as well as money to help pay for the feeding and housing of animals. 

    You can also donate money to the ASPCA and PETA which are organizations that work to prevent animal cruelty.

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    There are a number of things that you, as an individual, can do.  My suggestion would be to donate to the ASPCA or some other reputable animal charity.  Report animal cruelty to the police if you see it.  Avoid bying dogs from ‘puppy mills’ and check out your local animal shelter instead.  Check out the link below for more ideas. 

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    Also, as a consumer, you can purchase products that were not tested on animals. Animal testing is topic of much debate and has been responsible for various animal abuse cases. Check your soaps, shampoos, make up, and other beauty products for a phrase clearly stating “We do not test on animals.” Donating to your local shelter is probably the next best thing along with participating in any educational opportunities to spread the word about what qualifies as animal cruelty and what the consequences are for both the victim and the abuser.

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    Help to education people about cruelty to animals. Many people do not understand that this is a real problem. If they were educated as to what sort of signs to look for, they may be able to help spot someone in their neighborhood who is abusing their animals. The person could call the authorities quickly and maybe help save the animals for their cruel owners. As more people became educated it would be difficult for animal cruetly to continue unobserved.

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