How can we help the environment be healthier?



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    Recognize that each individual human must sacrifice aspects of his or her own lifestyle in order to perpetuate the wellbeing of the whole

    Although living green doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, the level of comfort we’ve grown accustomed to in developed countries is not sustainable.

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    Sylvestergraham, I like your answer. If only more people will take that into consideration when they decide to buy a SUV or toss trash into the stormdrain. I also think we can help make environment healthier by pushing for stronger environmental laws. the environmental movement in the US in the 60’s and 70’s resulted in the establishment of so many strong environmental regulations that protect our air, water, endangered species, unsustainable develoment. Without these laws, we might be breathing as easy, use tap water without a second thought or just be able to reap the benefits from our environment as much as we have now. So lobby for stronger environmental laws that you feel are important at the local, state or federal level and educate others other it so they can support your efforts. 

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    I don’t believe that you have to be “green” to help the environment.  I don’t consider myself green.  There are many ways to help the environment that actually help people live the way they want, and gain profit for major corporations.  Most energy sources that are eco-friendly are also monetarily cheaper and have the same quality output.  Having a household waste water recycling system can really cut back the water bills some one has to pay, and using an environmentally conscience energy company often saves money on power bills.  

    You definitely don’t have to go to far out of your way to help the environment.  In today’s age of technology, almost every one does something that will harm nature in some way; but if we can give back what we take out, we can maintain the balance. 

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