How can we green our lifestyles without changing too much?



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    There are many simple things you can do! Change your light bulbs to compact flourescents. Turn things off when you aren’t in the room. Buy green household cleaners and detergents to reduce chemicals in the water supply. Buy things with minimal packaging so you don’t even have to worry about recycling. Recycle. Etc.

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    You need to accept some change in your lifestyle to really commit to being green. Change is a good thing. Once you become aware of the impact that your actions have it becomes easier to accept the needed changes.

    You can live closer to your work/school, you can unplug your appliances and gadgets when you aren’t using them, you can carry a takeout container with you to the restaurant so they don’t have to give you a throw-out one, you can stop smoking cigarettes, you can walk there, you can bike there, you can pick up that trash in the gutter, you can become a person that notices your surroundings, you can hug a tree, you can buy a local tomato/apple/cob of corn, you can choose organic, you can choose far-trade, you can think “do I really like fastfood? Think, think THINK about what you put in your body and what you put into the world.

    Change is inevitable, the question is, who’s driving? Are you in charge of your change, or are you a consumer swayed by the persuasive marketing of the consumption machine?

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