how can we go green



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    The most important ways to contribute to the health of our environment is to drive less.  I heard this directly from a geologist at the protest in Denver.  He biked 10s of miles each day to a metro line during his commute to and from work.  This dedication is what we need from everyone in order to reduce climate change. 

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    Going green should be seen as a holistic effort. Virtually every part of our day-to-day living could be improved in some way, and the best thing to do is get into the habit of thinking about how even the small things effect the environment. Easy day-to-day changes you can make include recycling (which is easy and sometimes free), buying organic and non-GMO food, conserving water by taking shorter (or even fewer) showers, not using chemical fertilizers, saving energy by using fans or space heaters instead of heating/cooling your entire home, and participating in legislation by signing petitions, voting, and contacting your representatives. Environmental groups like the Sierra Club are good sources for information regarding environmental legislation and provide links for online petitions as well as other ways to participate in the legal side of going green.

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    Driving hybrids are also good green alternatives if you live in an area that is dependent on personal transportation. I save tons of money each month in gas bills from driving a hybrid, so this also helps your wallet and the environment. Also, using energy efficient appliances and lightbulbs can save tons of money in electricity bills. This also means fewer carbon emissions are being released into the atmosphere if you get your electricity from a coal-burning power plant. 

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