how can we go green



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    You can go green by making every day choices which reduce your carbon footprint. This includes using less disposable products, using products with no harsh chemicals and even using a bike to get to destinations which are closer to your place of residence.

    The list goes on, I’ve included a link to a website which may serve to help you further.

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    Contrary to Kermit the Frog, it is easy to be green today, especially with the growing opportunity and awareness of ways to do it. The first step is being aware that there are problems affecting the environment and knowing you want to help. Look for simple ways where you could be more efficient around your house. Some examples are using less energy and water, recycling what you can instead of throwing it away, replacing old appliances or light bulbs with more efficient ones. There are also things you can do in your community that affect the larger world, planting trees or other volunteer work is a great way to raise awareness and have an impact. Always remember the three Rs to be green, reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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