How can we go away from plastics in our packaging?



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    Doing away with plastic packaging must start at the individual level. Consumers must make smart choices to avoid buying too many products packaged in plastic, for example, buying bulk items in the grocery store and avoiding plastic baggies to enclose fruits and vegetables in the produce section. Many companies have started to use environmentally friendly packaging made from renewable and/or recycled materials– buying products such as those will put pressure on other companies to change their packaging scheme.

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    There are some great options out there these days if you want to replace plastic with something more eco-friendly.  Disposable cups, bowls, plates, and utensils can all be made compostable even though they look just like plastic. Eco Products is a great company that does just that, and hopefully they can move toward compostable packaging.  SunChips also has a new line of compostable bags that look just the same as the rest on the market. 

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