How can we get trees to produce more oxygen?



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    You can’t “get” a tree to produce more oxygen, but we can get forests to- by not cutting them down! If we let our forests mature, they would produce far more oxygen then they currently do, since we generally cut down trees before they’re fully mature. Douglas-fir’s, redwoods, and sequoias, are great at not only producing lots of rich oxygen, but also storing carbon in their wood. Rainforests are another huge oxygen producer, producing 40% of the world’s oxygen. But the real oxygen hero? Algae. Algae in the world’s oceans produce 60%-80% of the oxygen in the atmosphere. So keeping the oceans healthy, is extremely important (and often overlooked as important,) in keeping the air we breathe oxygen rich.

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    I echo ktjphoto’s sentiments.  We need to allow our oxygen producers and carbon dioxide ‘sponges’ (trees, plants, and algae) to live.  We need to create cleaner environments for them to flourish and be unaffected by human industry.  Also planting more trees is key to boosting the health of our air and atmosphere.  

    One great way to increase the number of trees being planted is by participating on 

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