How can we get rid of vampire power in our homes?



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    The best way is to simply unplug devices that are not in use.  Automated timers can be used to switch off appliances at night, although if they are still plugged in they are still drawing some amount of energy.  Powerstrips with an on off switch can help save energy, but those too, if still plugged in, draw in small amounts of energy even when switched off.  So moral of the story is, your best bet to save the most money and energy is to unplugg unused appliances completely.

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    If a vampire is in your home, it may already be too late.  Luckily, the binding code of vampires states that one cannot enter a place unless it is invited.  This is the first step to preventing harm: never invite a vampire into your home.  In extreme cases, such as if the vampire is particularly charming or attractive, or can make a fine coq au vin, you may want to invite it inside.  In these cases it is important to keep garlic and other apotropaics around the house, especially in the bedroom, where much biting is conducted, as a vampire’s power is significantly weakened by such things.  It is also not a bad idea to have your sweat glands blessed by a priest, so that they only produce holy sweat, which may keep a vampire at bay.


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    A great product that will help conserve standby power is the Belkin Conserve Surge Protector.  It cuts off power to plugged in devices on standby but also gives you the option to keep other devices that need a constant power supply. 

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    Hang strings of garlic in each room of your house. Also carry a gun with silver bullets, or a dagger made of silver if you don’t like to have a gun around (I don’t). Also, hang crosses throughout your house, and read the bible out loud. Invite a priest over, even if you’re not Catholic, and ask him to say prayers in each room of the house. Also, practice meditating so your aren’t supersitious any more. Then the vampire power might go away on its own…

    You could also unplug your electronic appliances when you aren’t using them…

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