How can we get rid of scars naturally?



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    There are many natural scar treatments, from the well known Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to the more obscure Indian gooseberry. The link below details 10 different natural remedies.

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    Oftentimes you can help the scars by using different moisturizers, but that will only do so much. You can always talk to a dermatologist, as they may know of new procedures, both natural and not, that can help. 

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    Some people use cocoa butter as well, or cocoa butter-based moisturizers, although I would suggest Vitamin E first. You can use Vitamin E as a topical moisturizer, but you can also take it as a dietary supplement to support healthy skin, among other things.

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    Vitamin E is a great way, as people have mentioned. Gently rubbing vitamin E oil will help soften your skin reduce the appearane of the scar. However, there have been studies that show vitamin e does nothing for scar appearance. Aloe Vera on the otherhand has anti-inflammatory properities and can reduce redness. I think Aloe Vera works best on new scars.

    Some other remedies includes calendula gel of cream to scar twice a day becuase it reduces inflammation and early healing of a scar. For appearance, rose hip oil is great especially if you take a bath with it.

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