How can we get rid of the toxins in our body?



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    There is no easy answer to this question.  Keep in mind that the best preventative measure for toxins in your body is to avoid putting them in there.  Keeping away from drugs and chemicals is a start.  Yes, there are toxins that enter the body unintentionally, or without our doing. For these, the most natural way to remove them from the body is to drink plenty of water- keeping the liver and kidneys functioning properly is key.  There are many remedies available that claim to “cleanse” your system. Still, none of these products have been evaluated or accepted by any government, health professional or regulatory agency. 

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    There are several recommended ways to rid your body of toxins. Eliminate known toxins like alcohol, coffee, cigarettes and refined sugar from your diet. Reduce the use of household cleaners and personal health care products that contain chemicals. Relieve the stress in your life, such as through yoga and meditation. Try some kind of fasting program, such as a three-to-seven day juice fast, or one day a week where you only drink water. Daily steps to take include eating lots of fiber, taking herbs such as green tea and dandelion root, using vitamin C, drinking two quarts of water a day, breathing deeply, emphasizing positive emotions, hydrotherapy, saunas, removing toxins through your pores with brushes or foot spas, and finally, EXERCISE.

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