How can we get people to be better environmental stewards?



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    I think people would be more inclined to take care of the environment if they got something out of it or saw the immediate results of their efforts. In our world we want things fast, so if people were given incentives for being green, I think they would be more inclined to be so. Positive reinforcement never hurts.

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    Education is the key. Most people would like to do something to help the environment, but are unsure how. They feel that only people with a lot of money can help. We must education everyone, including children, middle-aged people, elderly people, single mothers, the poor, the rich, etc. We could hold free seminars at universities and public libraries and factories. We must simple ideas of how people can help and why this will benefit them and their children. We have to make each goal achievable and over time, we will make a real difference.

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    Education is of paramount importance.  A reward system with incentives can be an effective tool as well.  On a simpler level, it will come down to a gradual shift in our habits as consumers.  When people start to see more and more of their peers and neighbors shop for locally grown produce at their farmers markets and commute to work on their bicycles, lifestyles of lesser environmental impact will become more and more appealing.

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