How can we get past the Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY) syndrome when it comes to wind farms?



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    NIMBY is a problem with many different government programs.  We want easy access to freeways, and cheap electricity but don’t put a freeway or nuclear power plant in my back yard.  I think one way we could get over the NIMBY problem for wind turbines is to provide people within a certain distance free electricity, or a credit of maybe $50 a month toward their electricity.  We need these sorts of renewable energy sources, and they can be a bit of an eye sore to have very near your home, not to mention they make a considerable amount of noise.  However, if we provided some monetary compensation and incentive for living close to these plants, it might turn from NIMBY to Please, put that in my back yard.

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    Why are people still so attached to the “this is my land, that’s your land” mentality?  we need to shift our perspective to understand that we all live here together.  Holding onto something for yourself at the sacrifice of the great good is counter-productive.  Incentives are a great idea to help people ease up and be a little less selfish when it comes to space.

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