How can we get more used vegetable oil to make more biofuel?



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    If we could get fast-food restaurants to donate their excess cooking oil, we could have an abundant source of bio-fuel. The Veggie Van, which drove around the U.S. in the late 90s, got much of its fuel from fast-food restaurants. The man who drove Veggie Van, Joshua Tickell, has an organization which develops awareness about green energy. Check it out!

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    In an ideal world, donations would be the best way to make more biofuel out of used vegetable oil, especially considering how much of it there is from the excess of fast food chains and fried food in our country. However, it is likely that these companies would need an incentive to go out of their way to donate all their used oil — there would have to be something in it for them, as much as we’d love to believe that companies could donate out of a uniform concern for the environment.  

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    The best way to get more used vegetable oil to make bio-fuel would be to eat more fried food! Tempura, dumplings, fried bananas, the list goes on. The trick is to learn how to fry everything. A deep-fried turkey on Thanksgiving? Perfect!

    I used to work at a restaurant which would sell its used cooking oil to bio-fuel refineries. I know there are several businesses here in Southern California (I’m sure elsewhere as well) which collect these used oils, refine them and then sell them to distributors as bio-fuel.

    In conclusion, go out to eat more. The restaurants you patronize will produce more used oil to sell to bio-fuel refineries.

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