How can we get more people to study science?



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    Well, we can’t make anyone do what they don’t want to. So, we need to market science better to younger children, get them interested in it first. Unfortunately, demonstrations that grab children’s attention are usually pricey, and elementary and middle schools don’t have the funds to perform these on a regular basis. I’m not too worried, however. There is a niche for scientists right now, and I’m sure that it will be filled. Whenever a new area of the job market opens up, there are people ready to get into it. 

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    I think we need to educate children about why it is important to study science and why it is a rewarding career. We have to encourage both boys and girls to pursue such careers, if they have an interest. Then, we have to provide them education while in high school and college about the types of jobs available for them. Many people like nature and science, but do not know what they would do with a degree in biology or natural resources.

    Some ways that we are making science “cool” to kids is through hands-on experiments and field trips to zoos, nature centers, and reserves. Summer camps are also a great way to keep kids connected to nature. We should not force anyone into a particular career, but my exposure, many children will grow up to become scientists. I know I did!

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    Making science fun is the key.  Science is so incredibly interesting and amazing.  It involves almost every aspect of our every day lives.  The key is to teach children that science isn’t just about memorizing the Kingdoms or explaining how the circulatory system works in an essay, but about everyday life.  Explaining with example rather than just a book usually interests kids more than anything.  Field trips, microscopes, dissections, class walks, etc. are incredibly important.

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