How can we get more people to stop using bottled water?



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    You would have to keep stressing the negative effects of using bottled water and the negative impact that the bottled water industry has on the environment. Raise awareness on these issues and take initiative. You may think that one person isn’t going to change the world, but it can make a world of difference. Reach out to others, and they in turn may reach out to more people—creating a chain reaction.

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    Spread the word to friends and family through information! For instance, it takes 1,100 to 2,000 times more energy to produce a water bottle than it does to treat the same amount of tap water, and the amount of oil used to produce water bottles in a year could supply the U.S. for two days! Better yet, if they are concerned about the quality of the water they are drinking or prefer the convenience of having bottled water with them everywhere, convince them to get a water filter and a reusable metal container to store water in. It will save them more money in the long run. 

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    On a larger scale, we could push for higher taxes on bottled water.  Washington state unfotrunately repealed an extra tax on bottled water by a popular vote margin of 4%.  We can use the support we have with our job to push for giving reusable water containers as business gifts.  Another great thing we can do is simply lead by example.  I believe that people are more willing to make changes in their life if they can see the changes we have made in ours.

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    But there’s a bigger issue here, not just people being too lazy to drink tap water. They just want clean, uncontaminated water, and tap water is incredibly unsafe in many places! This is especially true in parts of California, where many people are literally afraid to drink the tap water because of possible groundwater contamination. It is a growing issue in many locales of California, especially the Central Valley where pesticides are at extremely high levels in the ground water. It is a mistake as an environmentalist, in my opinion, to demand people make changes when they lack other options! As long as tap water contains harmful chemicals such as chlorine and pesticides, which even Brita filters can’t completely eliminate, then people will want and need to buy bottled water.  I think everyone should have access to clean, uncontaminated water. So my question for you is, what better alternative is there? Well, for one, we could encourage a sustainable bottled water approach, and discourage small plastic water bottles. Around Southern California there are water stores virtually everywhere. At these stores, you take in your giant, reusable polycarbonate water bottle and fill it up with clean water, for a fee. The impact is low and you have access to clean water.  Rather than campaign to force people to drink unsafe water, why don’t we campaign to clean up tap water first??

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    don’t sell it.  Announce that plastic is toxic.  Reuse glass containers

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      There is a water purifier called the Athena i think. Drink Alkaline water. Go to your local health store see if they sell water they filter for you. Bring your containers from home.

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    Everything starts small, so start by getting your family and friends to use canteens, have a canteen painting party to get your friends excited about using them instead of water bottles. Who knows, maybe you will start a trend at your school and office!

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    The Food and Water Watch organization has a fantastic campaign called Take Back the Tap that is located on dozens of college campuses across the United States. This is a campaign to stop the use of plastic water bottles and promote clean, free, potable tap water for all. In many areas tap water is contaminated and can be dangerous to our health. Why does this stop the places where clean tap water is available from drinking tap water? In many locations, yes even in California, the tap water is regulated on an hourly basis. There is one person from the FDA that regulates the quality of bottled water, and that is only if it crosses state lines. Most of the time the bottle water companies are taking the water from tap water sources! These companies are degrading the environment, polluting our oceans, and stealing our almost free tap water and charging us 400 times more than it costs out of our sink! I think the best way to stop the use of plastic water bottles is advocacy and education. People don’t know what is going on.

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    It’s rumored that bottled water companies just fill their bottles with tap water so it’s not any different than the water you can get for free.  Everyone wants to save money in this economy so it’s a good argument to make that bottled water is just a waste of money.

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