How can we get more people to participate in farmers markets?



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    One idea would be to allow the use of food stamps to buy produce at farmer’s markets. This would, among other things, reduce the argument that farmers markets are of use only to the wealthy. In addition, it would provide nutritious local food to those who probably need it the most. In addition, the use of food stamps can spur the economy, as every $1 of foodstamps spent translates to $1.73 circulating in the economy. It requires cooperation with state, local, and federal authorities, but it both puts mopney into the pockets of local farmers and feeds those who need good food.

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    Bringing attention to your farmers market is one of the first steps to getting people there.  If people don’t know it’s there, they won’t be able to come. is a website that compiles farmers markets throughout the nation to make them easily locatable to consumers.  Another website, Agricultural Marketing Service, also has the goal of getting the word out about farmers markets.

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