How can we get more people to believe in global warming?



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    Getting people to accept global warming as a fact and not a theory is a two part problem with simple solutions.  First they must accept that global warming (climate change) occurs, then that recent (i.e past 200 years) warming has been the result of human endeavors.  The solution is showing them irrefutable, noncontroversial evidence for both types of warming from reputable, nonpartisan agencies (such as NOAA and NASA).  Then these complex concepts must be broken down into easy to explain, brief power facts that the average person can interpret and analyze.

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      Incredible answer, you covered all the bases. So….since there are a lot of skeptics out there, and we(i) should start providing this information as soon as possible, do you recommend i go straight to NOAA and NASA to start collecting facts?

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    People tend to throw out historical facts most often in the debate; saying that temperatures have increased before and it’s irrelevant to humans.  Someone just posted a video on here about an hour ago that discusses CO2—how it used to be much more concentration than it is now and how the changing temperatures are not inflicted by humans.  Creating a solid, direct response to this argument using waterman’s suggestion above should be the best way to counter non-believers, encouraging them to believe in truth.

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